FOREVER. A virtual memorial to Carlos von den Hügeln is a project by Lena Lieselotte Schuster and the Interspecies Art Association in collaboration with Barbara Herold

Concept, Project Management: Lena Lieselotte Schuster
APP Development, Production: Barbara Herold
APP Development: Frank Groh
3D Scan Clean-up: Mert Akbal
3D-Scans: Lukas Posch, 3DEE Store
Graphic Design: Andrea Lehsiak
Website: Ulrich Steffens
Translation: Kamryn Pariso
Copyediting: Marina Ninić

The project is supported by
KÖR Art in Public Space Vienna
City of Vienna
Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture, Civil Service and Sport (BMKOES)
District Cultural Sponsorship Brigittenau
District Cultural Sponsorship Leopoldstadt